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Penguin's Electric Struts

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Barka has a wide range of electrically powered struts to suit many different applications other than lifting engine covers and hatches. They are being used to lift tables and steering consoles, to slide open roofs, and to hide barbecues and TV’s after use. We have seen them converting beds at the touch of a switch, and even sliding security bars into position behind exposed windows! Dream on... Different solutions are available to getting the most appropriate device for the job, with thrusts from 100 to 1000 Kg, strokes from 5 cm to 3 metres, speed from 2 through 36 mm/sec on either 12 or 24 Volt DC supply. Both “push only” and “push/pull” versions are available. These splash proof, anodised light alloy struts are designed and built to work in a marine enviroment. To select the correct strut for your application, consider several factors. Firstly, if the strut is to open the only access to an area, we would advise using the “push only” versions as these permit manual opening in the event of power failure. If this cannot be done, then emergency access will have to be provided or some other means will have to be used to unbolt the strut. Both the angle of the strut and leverage point at which the push is made may affect selection significantly. Do not forget that, should the centre of gravity pass over the hinge point whilst lifting, then the weight will start to pull on the strut, necessitating the use of a “push/pull” particularly to start hatch closing. When installing a pair of struts to work together, if the structure to be moved will not tolerate any difference in speed between the two struts then an encoded model should be used to ensure a perfect synchronisation. Where the load is identical and the tolerance less critical, then a matched pair of units selected by the manufacturer without encoder is available.

You will see we have the ranges split into sections so its easier for you to veiw. If you know which range you are looking for click the link below;

 1. Push - Pull With End Of Stroke - Push 100 KG
 2. Push - Pull With Encoder - Push 100 KG

 3. Push Only - Push 150 KG
 4. Push - Pull - Push 150 KG
 5. Push - Pull With Encoder - Push 150 KG
  6. Push Only - Push 200 KG
 7. Push - Pull - Push 200 KG
 8. Push - Pull With Encoder - Push 200 KG
 9. Push Only - Push 220 KG
 10. Push - Pull - Push 220 KG
 11. Push - Pull With Encoder - Push 220 KG
  12. Push Only -Push 300 KG
 13. Push - Pull - Push 300 KG
 14. Push - Pull With Encoder - Push 300 KG
 15. Push Only - Push 380 KG
 16. Push - Pull - Push 380 KG
 17. Push - Pull with Encoder - Push 380 KG
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