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E188984 - Two stages electric table pedestal with four legs

Built in polished, brightened and anodized light alloy

  • The four synchronized and mechanically coupled legs allow the use with the larger tables.
  • The generous size of the tubes and bases makes it suitable for bigger tables.
  • The two stages telescope enables to get a reduced minimal height, often necessary to transform a table in bed.
  • Powered with 12V-7A or 24V-3.5A (on request) - Push 400 Kg - Speed 16 mm/sec - stroke 350 mm.
  • The electric movement can be stopped in any position.
  • Electronic control box and keyboard for set-up and movement included.
  • Only the power supply cable and the 12 mm water drainage hose (when installed outdoor) go through the floor.
  • Can also be operated with a 3 position switch (UP - DOWN and automatic return to zero) not supplied.
  • The switch doesn't need to reverse the polarity as the power doesn't flow through it.




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