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E188983 - Two stages electric table pedestal with three legs

Built in polished, brightened and anodized light alloy

The three synchronized and mechanically coupled legs and generous size of the tubes and bases make it suitable for bigger tables and use as a bed without lateral support.

The two stages telescope enables to get a reduced minimal height, often necessary to transform a table in bed.

Powered with 12V-7A or 24V-3.5A (on request) - Push 300 Kg - Speed 16 mm/sec - stroke 350 mm. The electric movement can be stopped in any position.

Electronic control box and keyboard for set-up and movement included.

Only the power supply cable and the 12 mm water drainage hose (when installed outdoor) go through the floor.


Can also be operated with a 3 position switch (UP - DOWN and automatic return to zero) not included.The switch doesn't need to reverse the polarity as the power doesn't flow through it.

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